Curriculum Vitae English

Symfony Developper for 7 years, I have worked on all symfony versions starting with version 1.0 in 2008. I am passionate about the constant evolution of web technologies and the excitement of social networks.

Speaker of Symfony TN 2015, the unique event in the Arab world and Africa. Active member of the association Symfony Tunisia, I lead workshops around this powerful framework.


Senior Developer, Edatis Tunisia, Since Janvier 2011

  • Setting up a code quality control system for Symfony projects.
  • Auditing R&D projects code developed with Symfony framework.
  • Writing recommendations for improving the quality of development and the respect of coding standards for R&D projects developed with Symfony framework.
  • Design and Development of a system for building customizable Mini-Sites by drag and drop with Symfony 2.
  • Design and Development of a measurement system of the Employee and Customer satisfaction with Symfony 2 and Bootstrap
  • Design and Development of a human resources management information system and employee assessment with Symfony 2 and Bootstrap.
  • Design and Development of a customer complaint handling system for monitoring, management priorities and allocation of human resources in Symfony 1.4.

Programmer Analyst, Edatis Tunisia, From April 2009 to December 2010

  • Validation of the functional and technical specifications, debugging and development of fixes patches.
  • Auditing existing and current projects: problems, missing information, wrong specifications, deadlines are exceeded.

IT Manager, Christine Confection, From January 2008 to March 2010

  • Design and Development of an ERP & CRM with Symfony 1.0 and PostgreSQL.
  • Development of a web service with Symfony 1.0 based on RESTful architecture for communication between ERP and third-party applications.
  • Technical and functional validation of the development team work.
  • Setting up a Multi-developers LAMP development environment with version control (OpenSuse 10.3, Apache 2, PostgreSQL 8.2, PHP 5 and SVN).
  • Implementation and administration of the production environment (OpenSuse 10.3, Apache 2, PostgreSQL 8.2, PHP 5).


Bab Bnet is an arabic women’s portal developed with Symfony 2, with a responsive design, incorporating Facebook SDK, Twitter SDK, AdFly API, Bitly API.


KonGeek is a technology news aggregator developed with Symfony 2 with a responsive Arabic design, incorporating Facebook SDK, Twitter SDK, AdFly API, Bitly API.

Business and men

Business and men is a business magazine developed under WordPress with responsive design in two languages: English and Arabic.

Conferences and Workshop

Symfony TN event, 17-04-2015

Conference under the theme « BDD & Symfony », (FR)

Graduate School of Applied Sciences and Management SESAME, 13-12-2014

Workshop under the theme « Design patterns with Symfony » (FR)

Faculty of Sciences of Tunis, 26-04-2014

Workshop under the theme « Ensure code quality of Symfony 2 projects ». (FR)


System Administration : Debian, Ubuntu, OpenSuse
Modeling : UML, Merise, Design Patterns
Methodology : Scrum, BDD, TDD
Mobile : Android et Appcelerator Titanium
RIA : HTML5, jQuery, Angularjs, Twitter Bootstrap, Javascript, CSS3
Databases : MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB
CMS : WordPress, Drupal, Prestashop
Web Frameworks : Symfony 1.*, Symfony 2.*, Silex, CodeIgniter
Message Broker : RabbitMQ and Apache ActiveMQ
Quality and Testing : PHPCS, PHPMD, SonarQube, PhpUnit, Behat, PhpSpec
Version Control : Git, SVN, CVS


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